Design. Create. Adore. #ARTYOUCANWEAR. This is the tag line of WonderLuk, one of the most “avant-gardiste” jewellery brand, that we have discovered last week in Shoreditch, London’s most arty and engaged area. It was in a pop-up shop based in BoxPark, a hub for new creative talents, that the young brand introduced its latest collection.

Obviously, in our emerging post-industrial culture, technology started to pave its way to everyday life’ ways of consuming products and services. More and more upcoming brands use it in order to manufacture user-oriented though computer-generated products, welcoming us to the era of mass e-customization. This becomes interesting when human interaction with technology can generate poetic, creative, artistic and unique objects, instantly.

WonderLuk is one of these brands of avant-garde, and offers fashionistas and people who know style to be unique through collections of jewellery (rings, bracelets, earings,…) and accessory designs (bow ties, Iphone cases) . All are created by the most talented independent designers from around the world and 3D-printed on the order, to ensure a total customization (size, shape, material). Even better, WonderLuk offers a made to order option so the most creative ones can own something totally personalised, made out of their own ideas. Just send your inspiration and designers will do the rest!



“I draw a lot of inspiration from contemporary architecture, particularly from Japan. I love minimalist, balanced design that incorporates elements from nature, and architecture that adapts to new technology and process”

EMILY SATO – Architect and Designer/WonderLuk HQ – Brazil, Japan, UK


Prices range from £15 for a ring to £150 for a Kaleidoscope bracelet.

More information and collections here.